Adventures of Natural Language Processing

NLP: Origins

Alan Turing

NLP : Returns

NLP: Forever

NLP Forever
  1. Speech Recognition, or also known as text-to-speech recognition is a pretty commonly used field in applications such as voice notes and generating live captions.
  2. Part of speech tagging, also known as grammatical tagging. Used primarily for specifying the type figure of speech used in the selected sentence.
  3. Word Sense disambiguation, providing the user with the suitable meaning of the similar word in different sentences and different scenarios.
  4. Named entity recognition, identifying words and phrases as useful entities as “Atharva” with name and “India” with the country.
  5. Sentiment analysis, making sense of the human emotion behind the given sentence.
  1. Spam Detection: NLP is used to classify texts and emails consisting of suspicious contents into relevant folders or blocking the sender totally.
  2. Machine translation: This can be a lifesaver when traveling places that don’t speak your mother tongue as tools using this, for example, take google translate can help you translate things in real-time.
  3. Virtual Assistants and Chat-bots: Well, the very start of this blog was with an example of a Virtual Assistant. These tools can really help your business boost by attending multiple clients at a time or can prove to be a great time pass in your free time.
  4. Social Media: Yes, the features like sentiment analysis can help with censoring and deleting hate spreading posts and messages, it can also help in, text summation which can help with searching the most relevant posts and articles across the platform.



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